Ankara head statement.

Hi Go-getters Welcome back to my blog. Talking recent fashion trends aside statement earrings and bell sleeves, headwraps at the moment is one of the in-things to do for fashion lovers. More interesting is how there has been a shift from the ethnic association of Ankara headwraps as more women have embraced and are getting … Continue reading Ankara head statement.

Collaboration: valentine style inspiration, 3 bloggers, 3 outfits

Hi Go-getters, Welcome to my blog. Got a date on valentine with your significant other? .....Yes? ok fantastic....or...No? haven’t found a special one yet? no problem. I’m pretty sure you’ve got those special friends, family or co-workers whom you can celebrate with so read on, this post got you covered too. Truth is, year after … Continue reading Collaboration: valentine style inspiration, 3 bloggers, 3 outfits

Sending love & condolence to Benue State, Nigeria.

Hi Go-getters, Welcome to my blog, It's my first blog post for 2018 which I taught to have done sooner to show love to my bereaved State. You recall begining of January Benue indigenes were attacked by herdsmen claiming many lives. (Oh yea......I'm from Benue State, Nigeria). Details & debates of the attacks has been … Continue reading Sending love & condolence to Benue State, Nigeria.


Hi Go-getters, Welcome back to my blog. Isn’t it amazing how the year moved so fast? Time really does fly but I guess you are ticking off the last goal on the list of things you wanted to achieve this year. It’s a carry over for me I guess; sadly, I’m unable to meet up … Continue reading MONOCHROME & BRAIDED ANKARA ROPE BELT

A perfect Weekend OOTD

Hi Go-getters, Welcome back to my blog. It's TGIW yaaay!!! everyones favorite days of the week. You are off duty so it's a push back time to lazy around and even most exciting is not having to worry about what to wear. If need be, you simply throw on something casual and comfortable and you … Continue reading A perfect Weekend OOTD


Hi Go-getters, Welcome back to my blog. I'm not very familiar with work policies and practices of other countries but for most Nigerian organizations without strict dress codes, it is common practice to see people wear ankara to the office mostly only fridays. So you probably imagining how odd it would look if you decided … Continue reading INCOPORATING ANKARA INTO EVERYDAY WORK OUTFITS


Hi Go-getters, And welcome back. So, I was opportune to attend this year's Bloggersbrunch '17 Abuja organized by @Thebloggerspoint. Code was all white outfit which I think was just appropriate choice. The organizers probably thought it out well to get everyone feeling fresh and cleansed in their white outfits, ready for every new thing the … Continue reading TBPBLOGGERSBRUNCH2: MY CHICK COLOR COMBO


Hi Go-getters,And welcome back.I must say finance becomes a big deal living in a world of fashion and trends. If you are a budget girl like me, not every time something new. Sometimes make existing wardrobe pieces do the work while creatively doing a trend.Today, I want us to make a fixable bell flare which … Continue reading DIY FIXABLE BELL FLARE


Hi Go-getters, Welcome back. Who else knows about the color psychology of white representing new beginnings? No wonder various cultures incorporate white to symbolize the beginning of life or transition and western brides being all about white. Ok, how about that cleansed feel you get sleeping on crisp white sheets in a hotel room with … Continue reading NEW BEGINNINGS; WHITE, A-GO-TO-COLOUR.