DIY: statement pearl earrings

Hi Go-getters, Welcome back to my blog. Today’s DIY project provides the steps, how I made the trendy statement pearl earrings I’m hoping you’d love. So, let’s go right ahead on it. What's needed; 2 jump rings 2 5inches  wire (bought from the beads shop) 30 round shaped pearls 2 earring hooks plier/ scissors The … Continue reading DIY: statement pearl earrings


Hi Go-gethers, And welcome back, Are you lusting over the tassel ear piece trend like me? I'm a sucker for statement earings but apart from that, this oversized earrings has dominated style lately and I want to believe every fashion loving girl wants to own atleast one. So if you've wanted one but is still standing … Continue reading WANT TO OWN THE TASSEL STATEMENT EARINGS? WHY NOT DIY

DIY: Denim + Ring Circle Choker

Hi Go-getters, And welcome back. So,I saw this beautiful Aldo gold ring + velvet choker and immediately fell in love. I just wanted to own it but was it worth the stress of having to ship to me? Not necessarily, so I said to myself; "safe thyself the stress and save thy Wallet ". Next … Continue reading DIY: Denim + Ring Circle Choker


Hi Go-getters,And welcome back.I must say finance becomes a big deal living in a world of fashion and trends. If you are a budget girl like me, not every time something new. Sometimes make existing wardrobe pieces do the work while creatively doing a trend.Today, I want us to make a fixable bell flare which … Continue reading DIY FIXABLE BELL FLARE