Ankara head statement.

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Talking recent fashion trends aside statement earrings and bell sleeves, headwraps at the moment is one of the in-things to do for fashion lovers. More interesting is how there has been a shift from the ethnic association of Ankara headwraps as more women have embraced and are getting adventurous with the trend.


As a hair naturalista (if this is a word) I often wear headwraps….. you know we have lots of bad hair days. But with how well ankara headwraps compliments almost every outfit and gives any look an out of the box finishing touch, one do not need to only rock them to cover untidy hair. So here is how I tried styling my ankara headwrap.


I paired a blazer with a maxi skirt and wrapped my hair with ankara scarf giving  me the look of a modern African woman. I also love how the red lipstick compliments the scarf adding life to the whole black and nude ensemble.


Do you love the ankara headwrap trend? Have you styled it already? I love this trend and I think you should try doing it too if you haven’t.

Enjoy your weekend living your most desired and deserved life. See you next post.

Much ❤️


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