DIY: A pair from two pairs of jeans

Hi Go-getters,

Welcome back to my blog.

Let’s go straight to the steps, how I got a two colors pair of jeans from two old pairs.


  • Two pairs of jeans (white & blue)
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Chalk or marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine

NOTE: Both jeans should be of same size and length. Also make sure your choice of blue jeans won’t wash off and stain the white when washed.


You’v got your perfect jeans length yea? so you need to place them side by side (my length is 38 inches as seen).

Using the blue pair, determine the length on both legs where you want to join and add 1inch for each piece before cuting  hem and sewing allowance (let’s call the legs A & B). I marked mine at 22 inches & 31 inches for leg A, and 26 inches for leg B.

Follow marked point and cut as seen

Use cut out legs as template to cut the second pair of jeans you are working with (white)

Should look like these below when you cut out.

Use leg A of your white piece as template to cut second point of joining on leg A (blue) measuring 31 inches for mine as seen. Now use rare of white as template to cut rare of blue.

Place all pieces together to form a complete length jeans, fix pieces 1 inch into each other and stitch together using your machine then hem joined points for a clean finish.

Your jeans should look like this when done and that is it. Very easy right?img_3026.jpg

I’m hoping this simple DIY inspires you to recycle your old jeans into creative use.

Enjoy the weekend living your most desired and deserved life.

Much ❤️



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