Collaboration: valentine style inspiration, 3 bloggers, 3 outfits

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Got a date on valentine with your significant other? …..Yes? ok fantastic….or…No? haven’t found a special one yet? no problem. I’m pretty sure you’ve got those special friends, family or co-workers whom you can celebrate with so read on, this post got you covered too.

Truth is, year after year, when it comes to February 14th, majority of us focus more on the romance aspect and forget to show or experience love with friends or family which I think is very important too  because with these people, you get to do lots of fun things together while sharing love that is light and less of a burden. Other times, especially if we are single, we get mixed feelings ranging from longing to reminders how elusive love is. Don’t quote me wrong, romantic love is sweet  but I mean celebrating love with others in your social circle can be so sweet too which I think is probably why the Finnish (Finland) spend valentine more celebrating friendship rather than focusing on romance.

So, regardless of how you feel or your relationship status, you can enjoy Val holiday in style and that is why, I and my very stylish blogger friends (Sarah & Bella) thought to team up and bring you three looks you can create if you plan to hang out with either your patner, friends, family or co-workers.


Speaking of, Sarah went unconventional with her body hugged turtle neck and palazzo. You know how making Valentine plans on a weekday can be in terms of changing outfits especially if you have a 9 to 5 job. With her outfit, you can transition from day to night by simply adding and subtracting a jacket or blazer before and after work. I love the toned down shades of her choice of red which very well compliments her skin. Do check her post and more on her outfit at Princess Audu


Oh Bella!!! Bella went totally outside the box with her cropped Ankara dress and undoubtedly stole the show with her killer posses. More vibe to this look is her hairstyle and shoes and I think her outfit is versatile and suitable for a lot of events. Be sure to check her up too for more at  Iambrownie and thank me later.


On my part, As always, I look forward to an opportunity to make an outfit? So I made this strapless peplum top and tulle skirt (chic like).  You know how;

It feels good to look good.

 If you’ve been here on the blog before you’d notice I wear cold shoulder outfits alot and Valentine was perfect excuse to show some more skin for sexy….lol. For choice of color, I didn’t want to go with an overly themed ensemble so I did white and black with pop of red here and there.


What are your thoughts about our looks?  Fab right? Which look do you love most? And hoping either makes choosing your valentine outfit easier.

shout to Waytfashion for doing our photography. More details of his work on instagram via the link or you can search @Waytfashion.

Do enjoy your valentine living your most desired and deserved life.

See you next post.

Much ❤️










12 thoughts on “Collaboration: valentine style inspiration, 3 bloggers, 3 outfits

  1. Debs says:

    This is totally beautiful, dear. The colors, I’m so glad I’m not here to see all red and red and read.

    And I agree with celebrating Val’s day bu showing love to those who will also appreciate it. Like a visit to a less privileged home or even with old friends and some junior colleagues.

    I love your top more, melanin be spilling beauty.🖤


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