Meet Miss_Dee

Hi Go-getters,

Welcome to my blog.

I’d love you to meet the first Petite Model Seyitan Adeyemo (Miss Dee). Yea…she is a petite cutie but I don’t mean literally. I mean she is first to be featured on this segment of the blog PETITE MODEL wearing the one shoulder petite piece.

I met Miss Dee Aug’17 at a bloggers brunch and we were able to get along. Our connection wasn’t at first sight if you ever believe in this statement but was definitely on the first day after one-two conversations which I think is pretty much the same thing. After couple of meetings I can say for sure she is got great personality. She is confident, vibrant, outspoken, lively and full of life.

Miss Dee is a UK based Nigerian Youtuber, blogger, Radio host and aspiring model/Actress. That’s alot for one person right? So you understand why I’m glad she is opening this segment of  the blog. Catch up with her blog post in collaboration with @Petite_tailor here missdee

Ok, on her blog and YouTube channel she talks about love, sex, relationships, fashion and lifestyle.

Find her, what she is all about and more on these platforms.

Blog: Missdee

Instagram @missdee_xx

Youtube @Miss Dee

Twitter: @shawtyydeee

Enjoy the rest of your week living your most desired and deserved life. See you next post.

Much ❤️












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