Sending love & condolence to Benue State, Nigeria.

Hi Go-getters,

Welcome to my blog,

It’s my first blog post for 2018 which I taught to have done sooner to show love to my bereaved State. You recall begining of January Benue indigenes were attacked by herdsmen claiming many lives. (Oh yea……I’m from Benue State, Nigeria).

Details & debates of the attacks has been up on most news channels and social media so won’t be spelling details here. But for a fact, it’s been awful and challenging for the State coping with all lives lost and still occurring.


I did this post wearing all black outfit as my way to advocate peace. Sending my love, thoughts and prayers to all bereaved families and the State as a whole. Also;

” Praying for a lasting solution and  hoping for a RESILIENT BENUE”


Moving on, I’m guessing you’ve set your goals and resolutions for 2018 and working towards them already? I wish you a fabulous year, living your most desired and deserved life.

See you next post.

Much ❤️







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