Hi Go-getters,

Welcome back to my blog.

Isn’t it amazing how the year moved so fast? Time really does fly but I guess you are ticking off the last goal on the list of things you wanted to achieve this year. It’s a carry over for me I guess; sadly, I’m unable to meet up some but very excited for the ones I could. Also looking forward to catching up with friends and family this holiday.

Crux of today’s post is on the ever fashionable rope belt which seem like a come back trend. History has it that rope belts were associated with the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians since the beginning of wearing clothes. Fast forward, it became a widely embraced fashion accessory that has never gone out of style. It does such a good job from showing off curves to polishing looks.

Speaking of, few fashionistas rocked their street styles with rope belts at the just concluded #LFDW2017 and I loved how stunning they looked while reading through articles. Although theirs were made from yarns, I got inspired to do my own version of DIY. A tailor got to be creative somehow and my ankara pieces came handy.

Making this rope took no time at all and the easiest DIY I have done so far. All I did was join couple of ankara pieces into three lengthy ropes, braided together and knotted the ends……’s as simple as that. Let me know in the comments if you’d want a more detailed post on the steps.

When it got to creating a look I wanted to play safe so went monochromatic. I’m always skeptical wearing black because of how it blends into my skin tone but I loved how the rope popped itself on black announcing it’s presence and how it added life to the whole ensemble.








I hope you like this rope belt as much as I do. Is it an accessory you can wear style with your outfit? Let me know in the comments.

Do have a lovely weekend living your most desired and deserved life. See you next post.

Much love



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