Hi Go-getters,
And welcome back.
So, I was opportune to attend this year’s Bloggersbrunch ’17 Abuja organized by @Thebloggerspoint. Code was all white outfit which I think was just appropriate choice. The organizers probably thought it out well to get everyone feeling fresh and cleansed in their white outfits, ready for every new thing the event offered. See related NEW BEGINNINGS; WHITE, A-GO-TO-COLOUR. about wearing white outfits.

I must say the event was a complete guide especially for me still a newbie in the blogging industry. I learned a lot from all guest speakers who shared their experiences and journey so far. Very important for me too was meeting fellow bloggers, the networking here and there and all the fun activities the whole time. Over all, the experience was worth it basically. Shout out to @thebloggerpoint team and all our sponsors.
Ok about my brunch look, I went for an interesting yet elegant outfit (self-tailored) and this single shoulder dress did the job exposing right amount of skin, not too daring (just perfect for a get-together of such).

With a dress code already in mind from time of 1st notice, I started planning accessories. Eventually opted for this red angle strap pumps & a matching clutch similar to a pair of angle straped healed sandals, as would be a choice if the pair I owed wasn’t worn-out.

And especially for my so dark skin, I usually love to incorporate bright colors to most of my outfits to pop that complexion. I mean…. Who hates to hear nice compliments like…Wow! your black is popping or you look stunning in your outfit? (Laughs).snapseed-53snapseed-62To add some personality to this look, I wore statement earrings which gave me the sense of completion I envisaged.Ohh… also spot my nails in orange which addded dynamism in the whole chic glam.

What have you all been up to? I’d love to know in the comment box. Also, don’t forget to say what you think of my look.snapseed-58

Always dare to live your most desired and deserved lives go-getters. Hope to see you again next post.

Much love


  1. Debs says:

    If you remember, I had to whisper how beautiful your skin is at the event…And your outfit was just too perfect! Now I understand the complimenting choice of accessories…

    Dang girl!🖤🖤🖤


  2. Phaty Tsav says:

    Very stunning. Reading your piece was very entertaining, educating, interesting and refreshing. Congrats you obviously nailing it 😘


  3. Ngunan says:

    It’s shankwase “dza petite chic”😍your black is beautiful😍and you looked really good in your choice of attire👌more grease to your elbow hun😘.#niceblog…..


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