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Welcome back.

Who else knows about the color psychology of white representing new beginnings? No wonder various cultures incorporate white to symbolize the beginning of life or transition and western brides being all about white. Ok, how about that cleansed feel you get sleeping on crisp white sheets in a hotel room with stack of white towels in the bathroom?
 Beginnings come fresh with a clear opening for an unfettered creativity. Nonetheless, there is that point you get to, we all do get to that point of distress. Although it is different scenarios for different people (life, careers, relationships etc). One may be starting entirely new, another may have fallen off balance and is finding focus while others have completed a phase and  are entering a new one. Whichever, the hardest periods stares especially that you can’t predict what would become of “fear of the unknown”. Usually, this is a mental obstacle created by self. In most cases just like me, you are started  already then next minute you get stuck because expectations fell short. You suddenly feel intimated, you see yourself not having what it takes, you start to imagine that  safe place (comfort zone), you are tempted to return but definitely not the best option because that safe place you just departed from is thwarting, stagnant and unprogressive.

It takes  great deal of  efforts to fill that blank canvas at the beginning. Remember you want to be a better version of yourself and remember what you have started wouldn’t beckon if there were no potential growth or opportunities. Hence, it is very important to first of all  believe in yourself that you can and that consistently doing your best is the only grease you need.

By the way, aside being an all things white kind of girl, at least a touch of white outfit was much needed for that inner reflection, innercleansing,self-encouragement, creativity, sense of order and infact a refresh of my entire system. In color psychology,white in its purest form is capable of giving one that needed focus. So I opted to wear a simple touch of white ankara cold shoulder dress. Cold shoulder outfits are a trend right? I know too. Infact an unending trend almost every fashionable girl owns as a wardrobe basics. I couldn’t think of a better outfit to make with just two yards of this fabric for an Eid holiday day out. I loved that I was able to personalize with a little tweak on the sleeves (cuffs) instead of making the regular baggy sleeves that comes with an elastic band to give those drama puff sleeves for similar styles. After all, white pieces still stay classy and chic without trying too hard.

I also thought to add a little contrast by pairing with white sneakers for comfort and to keep the look very casual.

I know  white outfits are not an all time choice for many since one has to be extra careful in them and the fact that they require lots of maintenance. But I bet you don’t want to miss out on all the things white brings forth like that cleanse for  new beginnings.

Are you feeling stuck like me? why not let your fears fly by doing what energizes your system. You can start by incorporating a white outfit (laughs).

Enjoy the rest of your week go-getters; I’m back here with you next post.

                 Much love



  1. Wajir Abraham A. says:

    Hmmmm, Colour Psychology! I Have Not Given Much Thought On Colour Symbolism. Not Even White That I Use And See Everyday.
    You Have Not Educated Me But Also Inspired To Learn More.
    More Grease To Your Elbow

    Liked by 1 person

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